The following pictures have been frame-grabbed from various AUSROC videos. As a result, the quality is rather poor, however there are a number of action shots which are not available from stills.

I hope these are of some interest. If there is a demand, I could try and make some MPEG or AVI movies of the more violent highlights of the AUSROC Program.

There are also some high quality shots from the Ausroc II-2 launch.

Fourth test firing of AUSROC II engine at Ravenhall Static Test Facility in Deer Park, Melbourne (15 March 1992).
AUSROC II on the launch pad at Woomera (Oct. 1992)
Mark Blair assembling AUSROC I at Grayton Proof and Experimental Establishment, Victoria (9 February 1989).
AUSROC I tanks and engine being assembled.
AUSROC I on launch stand. Payload yet to be attached to rocket.
AUSROC I rocket on launch stand.
AUSROC II being assembled. Note engine pieces under rocket.
AUSROC II launch stand being assembled.

AUSROC-I in the Monash Wind Tunnel (the little one)
AUSROC-I on the rail, preparations before fuelling
some of the dudes who were watching the launch
and away it goes! note: the plume at the `top' of the rocket is actually eflux coming up the hollow launch rail!

AUSROC-II - Miscellaneous
the Fire Control Unit. The RED button is THE button.
the nose cone being spun over a steel mandrel

AUSROC-II - Static Firing at Ravenhall
the first ever hot engine test! just at iginition
a nice 7500N / 21s burn
end of the burn, plume now fuel rich
Mark and Geoff sus out the motor
the LOX valve freezes shut
the LOX valve stays shut!
the start of our best burn, notice the igniter being blown out, it was thrown about 200m away!
a2sf02d.jpg (cf. a2sfoops.jpg)
the plume decays a bit as we go into blowdown
chart recorders, wonderful things, lots of data
the igniter clears the fence and ignites things!

AUSROC-II - Launch Attempt at Woomera
the truck carring the LOX PLCS pulls up before fueling
the view from afar, as seen by spectators
the critical moment, kaboom!
bits go everywhere
the aftermath

AUSROC II-2 - Fueling Ausroc II-2 at Woomera (Photo's from The Advertiser photographer)
Mark Blair (on left) with Norbert Leidinger (on right) emptying first kero tank into Ausroc II-2.
Fisheye view from base of Ausroc II-2.
View of Ausroc II-2 from underneath NASA's Black Brant rail.
Norbert attaching fuel hose to Ausroc II-2.
Mark pumping kero into Ausroc II-2.
Attaching fuel access hatch cover.
Another shot of Mark and Norbert attaching hatch cover.

AUSROC II-2 - Liftoff of Ausroc II-2 from Woomera taken with 70 mm ARDU camera at 8 frames a second.
Flare ignition. +0.00 s
We have ignition! +0.25 s
Ausroc II-2 in middle of rail. Note frost falling off. +0.5 s
The nose has cleared the rail. +0.75 s
The tail has cleared the rail. +1.00 s
The flame has cleared the rail. +1.25 s
We definitely have lift-off! Ausroc II-2 is on the way! +1.375 s

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